Frequently Asked Questions

Info COVID-19

Despite the particular context in which we currently live, we want you to spend a peaceful holiday.
Your safety and ours being our priority, we have adapted our practices to the situation in order to guarantee you maximum hygiene and safety.
This is why certain elements of these FAQs have been modified.

We have listed the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Do not hesitate to consult these FAQs, the answers you are looking for may be there!

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To better meet the health guidelines recommended by the Union Nationale pour la Promotion de la Location de Vacances (UNPLV), arrivals are delayed between 6:00pm and 8:00pm.

Arrivals are scheduled between 4:00pm and 6:00pm. If you wish to change this schedule, please notify us in advance by telephone or by email so that we can organize ourselves (as far as possible and always in compliance with health directives).

Any arrival outside these hours can be done on request with the deposit of the keys in a safety box fixed near the house. In this case your welcome as well as the inventory will be carried out at the latest the next day.

The accommodation must be vacated on the day of departure no later than 10:00am.

We will be happy to welcome you while respecting the “barrier gestures” and the social distancing that is required. Also, the visit of the house, the inventory of entry and exit will be done with only one person from your group and with a mask.

An inventory of the situation is systematically carried out in your presence on your arrival and your departure.

This inventory is accompanied by a detailed inventory which will be the only reference in case of dispute concerning the state of the premises. We strongly advise you to take the time to check it thoroughly and to inform us of any failure or deterioration of material within 24 hours.

This inventory will also allow you to locate all the equipment placed at your disposal in the house.

A deposit of 800 euros will be asked upon arrival.

After the contradictory establishment of the inventory of the places of exit, this deposit will be refunded to you within a maximum delay of 4 weeks after your departure, deducting, if need be, the sums covering damages and / or damage to the dwelling and the Furniture and objects lining the accommodation caused by the tenant, as well as the loss of keys or objects.

If the cost of damages exceeds 800 euros, a new invoice will be issued and will be sent to you. You will then have 15 days to settle it.

We undertake to refund you in full if the regulatory provisions put in place by the Government make the stay impossible, that is to say:

  • If you are unable to go to the place of rental (confinement, isolation, travel ban, etc.).
  • If we are obliged to give up the vacation rental (sanitary conditions, prohibition to rent, etc.).

This guarantee does not apply to other reasons that you could invoke (closed beaches and restaurants, personal concern, etc.).

Cancellation by the tenant before arrival in the premises

If you cancel your registration 8 weeks (57 days) before the chosen date, the amount of your stay will be reimbursed subject to a 15 € deduction per person for management fees.

  • Between 56 and 43 days, 25% of the total price will be retained;
  • Between 42 and 29 days, 50% of the total price will be retained;
  • Between 28 and 15 days, 75% of the total price will be retained;
  • Less than 14 days before the start of the stay, it will be retained 100% of the rental price.

Cancellation by owner

If, as a result of a case of force majeure or any other impossibility, the accommodation can not be made available to you, we will of course refund the sums paid.

The balance must be paid 30 days before the start of your stay. The tenant who has not paid the balance on the agreed date is considered as having canceled his stay. The service is then offered again for sale.

The tourist tax collected by the municipality of Biarritz is to be paid at the time of booking.

Price : 2,20 € per person over 18 years and per night.

2 sets of keys are handed on arrival.

They contain :

  • 1 key from the front door
  • 1 portal key
  • 1 garage door remote control (only on one set)
  • 1 key of the mailbox (only on one set)

In order to guarantee impeccable cleanliness and impeccable hygiene, the laundry is systematically cleaned by dry cleaning service after each stay and respects the disinfection standards in force.

We provide bed linen, towels and Household linen.

  • Bed linen: fitted sheets, duvets and duvet covers, pillow cases, mattress covers and extra blankets
  • Towels: towels, terry towels, bath mats and hand towels.
  • Household linen: 1 dishclothe

At your disposal in the house during the post COVID-19 period:

  • Hydroalcoholic gel
  • 1 surgical mask per person
  • Paper towels
  • Disposable handkerchiefs
  • Liquid hand soap
  • Household disinfectant products (norme EN14476)
  • Disinfectant tablets for the dishwasher (standard EN14476)

To make your first hours in Chilo Tipi pleasant, a few basic products are provided in small quantities upon arrival: soap, shampoo, toilet paper, liquid soap, dishwashing products, dishwasher table, paper towels, Nespresso dosettes, Tea bags, sugar in sticks, salt and pepper (oil, vinegar and other condiments are not provided).

You will find a welcome gift specially made for you by our partner La Maison Arostèguy is offered for all stays of 7 nights or more.  (Non-contractual photo, the welcome gift may change according to the seasons).

Panier d'accueil - Chilo Tipi, location de vacances à Biarritz / © Les petits lézards

In order to limit the spread of germs, we provide you with an iPad in the accommodation.
Disinfected after each rental, we encourage you to use it and to prefer it to paper documentation. On this tablet we have installed various tourist documents and applications.
However, please do not use this device outside of Chilo Tipi, do not changing its adjustment parameters and do not downloading and/or installing any other applications.

Biarritz and the Basque Country are well-stocked with tourist information: books, guides, magazines, leaflets, leaflets …

Do not hesitate to consult it and / or leaf through it as you wish. We nevertheless ask you to take care of it as it will also serve our next guests.

Today, even meticulous cleaning is no longer enough and that is why here is our special COVID-19 protocol:

  • All rooms are ventilated 15 minutes before any cleaning procedure and as far as possible, the windows remain open during cleaning.
  • We wash our hands methodically before and after each cleaning.
  • We clean all the surfaces present in the house with detergents so as to remove dirt, grease, dust and germs. Once the surfaces are clean, we apply a disinfectant.
  • We pay particular attention to frequently touched surfaces such as light switches and wires, door, window and furniture handles, tap handles, stair railing, household appliances …
  • The laundry is washed by dry cleaning service and respects the disinfection standards in force.
  • According to health recommendations, to limit the spread of germs and avoid unnecessary handling of the bed linen, we leave it to you to make the beds.
  • In addition to the usual cleaning products, we disinfect the surfaces of the SANYTOL cleaner / disinfectant.
  • We spray SANYTOL disinfectant solution on the furnishing (sofas, cushions, chair seats …).

Cleaning is included in the price of the stay at the fixed price of € 85. It includes the maintenance of laundry in dry cleaning.

However, it does not exempt the tenant from maintaining the dwelling for the duration of the tenancy. In addition, the Cleaning Package does not include cleaning dishes and pans, refrigerator and oven and cleaning appliances. The kitchen must be degreased, cleaned, and tidy. As such, we provide several products for maintenance. Therefore, at the end of the stay, the equipment must be returned in the condition equivalent to that of the arrival. The state of cleanliness of the accommodation and equipment is recorded in the inventory at the arrival of the tenant. If the cleaning of the equipment and is not done or is done unsatisfactorily, the household required for refurbishment will be systematically billed and retained on the deposit.

For the comfort of all, it is formally forbidden to smoke inside the house, even by airing the rooms!
Our guests are invited to smoke outside.
For reasons of hygiene and for the welfare of all, our friends pets are not accepted with the exception of registered dogs for blind.

To help us ensure compliance with sanitary measures, we thank you for:

  • Leave all windows open.
  • Put the laundry (sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, towels, hand towels, bath mat and tea towels) in the bags stored in the closet under the stairs. Leave the mattress covers and pillow protectors in place.
  • Put the bags in the living room.

Before leaving, in order to facilitate the arrival of the next tenants, we thank you to respect the following guidelines:

  • Store and reassemble all equipment in its original place.
  • Unfasten the beds, fold the duvets and put them on the beds. Leave the mattress protectors and the pillow protectors in place. Store the blankets in the landing cupboard.
  • Empty and dispose of all the garbage cans (at the corner of Avenue de Verdun) without forgetting the glass bottles (next to the media library).
  • Clean, dry and store dishes in its original place.
  • Clean the inside of the oven, the fridge as well as the appliances used (coffee maker…)
  • Pick up your cigarette butts in front of the housing as well as in the dead end.
  • Check, clean and store baby equipment if you used it during your stay.
  • Check, clean and replace all equipment (remote control, board games, books and guides …).
  • Leave the iPad (with cable and charger) on the kitchen counter.


Please ensure that:

  • Turn off the lights (do not forget the outside and the garage).
  • Replace the heater in winter.
  • Observe the agreed time of departure.

We will go around each room to check the storage, the cleanliness and carry out the inventory of output.